Micro Market Treatments that save $$

There is much more to selling a micro market than the products you sell in them. The look and feel is a big part of the sale too.

The treatment or mill-work needs to be fresh, modern, and inviting to the consumer-yes, But it also must be affordable to you and also easy to install.

Many of the markets today have been made out of laminated particle board, heavy to move, and difficult to install. Ever try to screw into particle board just to have it crumble. Try re-screwing into an existing hole, even worse.

Enterprise Displays uses laminated plywood- not particle board. What's the difference? --Lots.

Plywood is 40% lighter this equates to easier lifting and assembly and less expense in freight costs- a lot less. All adding up to your bottom line profit.

Now lets talk about assembly. Wouldn't it be nice if the pieces of a market treatment literally hooked together and would even need screws. Well Enterprise Displays does just that.

So less time at set-up means less labor costs for you allowing you to focus on the merchandising.

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