Diversify your Micro Market with Ethnic Foods

More and more micro markets are being placed in service at large companies employing a diverse group of employees with varying nationalities. Consider placing components that are customized with foods of varying nationality to fit a specific locations, especially when there are space limitations.

While a large main self check-out area may be in place- consider addressing the issue of different regional foods and flavors to match the companies population. Many different nationalities prefer foods from their regions over other American cuisine.

In a recent observation it was noticed at a large call center that very little of the products from the self check-out matrket were being purchased on second and third shifts. A study of the companies population noted that there was a much higher percentage of people on these shifts who were ethnic. And while products from the market were not being bought, the employees refrigerator was overloaded each night with brown bags from home.

The Solution- Though space was limited, a "Diversity" Market was added. A small self contained mini market with a cooler, snack rack, and kiosk stocked with specific ethnic foods to suit the population. The Diversity Markets were specific. Each with a unique color scheme and stocked specifically with foods catering to their specific ethnic group.

The Result- Within the week the Diversity Markets were a success and the brown bags decreased and Diversity items gobbled up. Sales rose 3% almost overnight and continued to increase over time as the food offerings were refined to appeal to the consumers more.

One market solutions shown here

Takes up only seven feet of floor space yet incorporates a slim line cooler, snack rack and kiosk with merchandising below and on it's side.

If a kiosk exists nearby, consider a warmer or tea service here. The appealing look is self contained and can have specific signage added.

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