Impulse Purchases- a 5 step process to sell more

" A spur of the moment, unplanned decision to buy made just before a purchase"

An Impulse buy is triggered by seeing the product.

Studies show that during 40% of visits to a market a shopper will make an average of 3 impulse buys.

In general people lack the capacity to fully control their eye gaze and what they look at the longest is the strongest predictor of what they will buy. In other words, waiting at a kiosk line lets their eyes gaze at impulse items placed near by.

So the number one important step is getting consumers to see the products

How can you do this?

#1- Signage - eye catching signs, specialty signs can encourage consumers such as

" Quick Pics" or "Take a break"

#2- Colors - Hues of red and yellow draw more attention

#3- Place items where they are sure to be seen. i.e at the checkout kiosk zone

#4- Choose the impulse items wisely. The best are ones easy to grasp- both physically and mentally

#5- Push the right psychological buttons- Urgency/Value/Novelty- such as quick bites

(energy bars), Gum, Breath fresheners, even batteries or phone chargers.

One solution offered by Enterprise displays is unique columns to surround the kiosk with shelving and baskets for many impulse items.

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