Smoothy Bar at a Micro Market?

Why not! In fact this is a great way to introduce wholesome healthy offerings to your consumers.

Juicing has actually started replacing meals and has become a $5 billion business. It's projected to grow 4-8% a year.

A smoothy bar can be simple to design too. Provide a counter area with small coolers stocked with juices. Provide baskets full of individual packets of protein powders, wheat germ, Chair seeds, Kale, Spinach, nuts, etc. that can be individually priced. Provide fresh fruits and vegetables.

Depending on the size of the consumer base, provide an adequate number of blenders. A sink nearby can be used to rinse the blender pitchers between uses.

Log it all into your kisok's software, and..well that's all there is to it. This has proven beneficial and workable at several large companies.

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