Micro Markets that SELL MORE

As more people are eating lunches and even dinners at your micro market, why not offer them other necessities that may otherwise be going out of the office to buy at lunch time.

A study shows that 15% of "out-to-eaters" actually do so because of another need or errand they need to run.

Why not let them run their errands at your micro market!!

Enterprise Displays has designed customizable merchandising columns that incorporate into the micro market allowing just such offerings.

These 10" wide columns use shelving and pegs to display items and can be placed anywhere or by the kiosk area to encourage impulse buys as well.

Each columns can be a micro convenient store offering on one-Rx items with Tylenol, bandages, Advil, etc. On another- As seen on TV items.

By utilizing small dedicated areas for these items space on the main racks for food items is not diminished. Specific signage can be used to direct customers to their needs and help keep them in the office at lunch time and eating lunch at the micro market.

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